Natural Weight Loss Recipes

The process of slimming and losing weight is not easy and fast, but you can do some tricks and eat natural recipes to lose weight. It helps you greatly in speeding up the process of losing extra weight and can enhance metabolism and metabolism and improve the general condition of the body, where many studies and researches have been conducted on some natural materials and have proven results Amazing in natural and safe weight loss process.

Here are some natural recipes to help you lose weight quickly and effectively:

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  •  Coconut water:

Refreshing popular drink in the tropics, sold in various fresh and canned ways, served in bottles and drank cold. One of its great benefits.

  • It gives the body vitality and activity
  • Improves blood circulation
  • It activates the body naturally
  • Coconut water is one of the most well-known and most widely traded energy drinks in the world
  • Contains mineral salts and vitamins
  • It helps in the process of digestion, metabolism, breaking down fats and converting them into energy
  • It contributes to the loss of excess weight accumulated in the body
  • It provides you with health and wellness
  • Also known for its importance in stimulating the nervous system and increasing the capabilities of conservation, study and education. Research and studies have indicated the importance of not consuming coconut water and the importance of moderation in its use.





  • Apple cider vinegar recipe


Apple cider vinegar has been known since ancient times and was used to preserve food and food and is widely used in:

  • Natural weight loss process
  • Improve bowel movement

 Apple cider vinegar is produced from the process of fermenting apple fruit, where it turns into acetic acid, which is characterized by multiple therapeutic uses. It is known that apple cider vinegar is better than all known types of vinegar, and therefore it is characterized by the healing properties of other types of vinegar. You can obtain apple cider vinegar naturally at home by preparing it.

  • Buy the right amount of apple fruit for you
  • Wash it well with water and dry it with a piece of wool
  • Cut it into small pieces and do not cut the peel and the seeds
  • Put it in a plastic or glass container, cover it with a piece of fabric, and leave it for 40 days
  • Filter the contents to get fresh apple cider vinegar and keep it in plastic or glass bottles

You can use it to lose weight and burn fat naturally by placing two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and stirring it, and then drinking it in batches half an hour before meals throughout the day and continuing this method for three weeks.

  • Japanese tea recipe (green)


One of the most widely traded herbs in the world today due to its great importance in naturally losing weight and burning body fat. Green tea has been known since ancient times as the ancient Chinese used it and the Japanese knew about them. Buddhist monks carried green tea with them when traveling and traveling due to their belief that eating it prolongs life and protects from Diseases Green tea is characterized by its amazing ability to:

  • Natural fat burning and weight loss
  • Promote metabolism
  • Improve metabolism
  • It is characterized by being an antioxidant

Contributes to the prevention of many diseases of the age, such as cardiovascular disease


 The best recipe for preparing tea is


  • Add boiling water to the tea and avoid boiling the tea with water
  • Leave it on for 3 to 4 minutes
  • Remove the tea from the cup and eat a healthy cup properly


  • Lemonade recipe


The lemon plant is the richest fruit with vitamin C and contains calcium, potassium and vitamin niacin important for protection from some diseases in particular and it is known as a surprising sedative for the nerves and lemons amazing benefits in burning body fat and losing weight naturally it helps you reduce weight quickly and naturally and many studies have proven the effective role Lemon in the process of losing weight and slimming. Lemon helps to relieve digestion and bloating problems. It is widely used in treating colds by serving it warm. The best way to lose weight naturally with lemon is to drink half a liter per day of lemon water.


  • Add lemon juice with lukewarm sugar-free water
  • Drink lemon water on a regular basis


Regular regular drinking of lemon water will help you lose natural excess weight, slim your body, get rid of accumulated fat, purify the body of toxins, and comfort the stomach and stomach, and improve metabolism and metabolism.


  • Rooibos recipe


Sage has been known since ancient times and was widely used in Europe in the dark ages for medication and used as a serum for snakes bites and known by the ancient Egyptians and used by Egyptian pharaohs women by eating it as a juice drink to increase fertility and improve reproductive capacities and drink sage with tea and give an aroma. He is the twin of the mint plant and sage has proven effective in losing weight and improving food digestion and increasing rates of fat burning and stomach comfort. Sage is prepared by:

  • Add boiling water to the sage plant
  • Cover well until cool
  • Do not drink hot sage

It is forbidden to consume the sage plant in the first three months of pregnancy and also during the lactation period so that breast milk does not decrease and prevent children under ten years of age. It is advised to be moderate and not to overuse it for adults.


  • Parsley recipe (parsley)


Parsley is widely known since ancient times and is used to burn fat abundantly in many countries of the world. It was mentioned by the Muslim botanist and herbalist and pharmacist Ibn Al-Bitar and Ibn Sina Abu modern medicine and the medical scientist in the Middle Ages and knew the name of parsley and was used by the ancient Egyptians Pharaohs in many therapeutic prescriptions and knows Parsley is effective in:

  • Body fat burning and slimming
  • Naturally lose weight

 One of the many important healing properties of a parsley plant is that it has

  • The ability to generate milk for the mother
  • Menstrual cycle and contributes to the treatment of menstrual pain
  • It helps in diuresis and elimination of excess salts in the body
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Detox body cleanser
  • It can be used on hair to prevent hair loss

 The best way to prepare parsley to lose weight naturally is:

  • Boil a suitable amount of water
  • Add parsley in hot water
  • Let it cool for half an hour
  • Eat it cold as it is not preferred to drink hot


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